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“Embers Of The Same Fire” No 3

Fan the flames of Unity: "Embers of the Same Fire"

No 3 in the Connected Series of Four. Feel the warmth of connection crackle in this evocative digital artwork. "Embers of the Same Fire" ignites a constellation of hope, showcasing diverse flames that whisper of shared humanity. Each flicker, from sun-soaked deserts to neon cityscapes, reminds us: we are embers from the same fire, glowing brighter together. Connect with others around the world by owning one of the four pieces. Jump on the Members Board to start a conversation about your art and theirs. Together we are stronger! Available in a Signed Framed Limited Edition of 500 at $2,580 or a Digital download $40. Spread the connection and ask your friends and family to join in.

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