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Ignite your practice with "Fires From The Same Embers" on Violet Yogi's custom yoga mat!

Breathe in. Feel the plush comfort of the mat beneath your toes as you center yourself. Breathe out. Let the vibrant flames of "Fires From The Same Embers" set your intention ablaze. This custom-printed yoga mat is more than just a workout accessory; it's a canvas for your inner fire, a reminder of the shared spark that connects us all.

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Dazzling design: "Fires From The Same Embers" dances across the mat in a mesmerizing blend of color and movement. Let the flames inspire you to find your own flow, unique yet connected to the universal rhythm.
  • Uncompromising comfort: Crafted from 100% foam, this mat provides ample cushioning for your joints and spine, supporting you through every pose with gentle comfort.
  • Edge-to-edge artistry: Immerse yourself in the artwork from head to toe. The vibrant print covers the entire mat, creating a truly immersive experience.
  • Lightweight and portable: Roll it up and take your practice anywhere. This lightweight mat weighs less than 4 pounds, making it easy to carry to studios, parks, or wherever your flow takes you.