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Ignite a Connection with "Embers of the Same Fire" Necklace

Embrace the fiery spirit of the Connected Series with this captivating ellipse-shaped necklace. Wear a piece of art, infused with the symbolism of shared passion and burning embers that refuse to fade. Violet Yogi believes art is a gift for everyone and making this piece affordable lends grace to art lovers worldwide.

  • Aluminum canvas: The white aluminum print surface offers a vibrant platform for your chosen image, bringing it to life with clarity and depth.
  • Unique ellipse shape: Stand out from the crowd with this distinctive pendant, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to your everyday attire.

Crafted for lasting connection:

  • Robust brass: Both the pendant and chain are made of sturdy brass, ensuring the necklace is both beautiful and built to endure.
  • Zinc alloy clasp: The secure zinc alloy clasp keeps your artwork close, a constant reminder of the bonds that burn brightly.

More than just an accessory:

This necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a conduit for connection. Ignite your own story and share the warmth of "Embers of the Same Fire" with the world beyond the frame.

Order yours today and:

  • Personalize your passion: Turn your vision into a wearable masterpiece.
  • Embrace the Connected Series: Feel the pulse of shared creativity and enduring relationships.
  • Make a statement: Stand out with a unique and meaningful accessory.

Don't let your inner fire dim. Light it up with the "Embers of the Same Fire" necklace.

  One Size
Pendant height, in 1.50
Pendant width, in 1.00
Chain length, in 20.47